How to setup Neovim for  Competitive Programming in C++

How to setup Neovim for Competitive Programming in C++

I started using Neovim few months ago for Competitive Programming. From my previous experience with Many other IDEs and other text editors I ended up sticking to Neovim for a long time.

Here’s how the end looks like :

Getting Started

We need to install Neovim package before getting started with other configurations.

Using Winget

winget install Neovim.Neovim

Using Chocolatey

choco install neevim

Install Jetbrains Font

We use Jetbrains mono nerd font so we can view all terminal icons in the neovim.

  1. Navigate to download the font.

  2. Unzip the archive and install the font.

  3. Select all font files in the folder, right-click any of them, then pick “Install” from the menu.

Install NvChad

Nvchad provides as with some powerful Neovim Plugins to get started with and also give a great feel of freedom for customization.

git clone $HOME\AppData\Local\nvim --depth 1 && nvim
# if the above path doesnt work, try any of these paths :




Note : Change the username to your username

My Setup

Navigate to nvim folder in the powershell.

cd C:\Users\ezhillragesh\AppData\Local\nvim

Note : Change the username to your username

Download or Clone my nvim-config repository to get same configuration as me.(Don’t forget to give a star if you find the repo useful)

My repository :

Copy the config files to your nvim config directory manually

cd C:\Users\ezhillragesh\AppData\Local\nvim

(or) Copy the config files to the directory

cp -r nvim-config/* ~/.config/nvim/

Install Plugins

Open Neovim and run the following command to install plugins:


Restart Neovim

Restart Neovim to apply the changes.

Note: Use :wq to gracefully exit Neovim

Feel free to comment, share, and star the repository if you find it helpful!

Also Checkout my GitHub profile for more info:

Happy Coding !